Shingon Reiki Level 2

Shingon-Reiki Level 2 online seminar in English

Shingon Reiki Level 2

Usui Reiki and the Buddhist Art Healing with the powers of the seven Medicine Buddhas

Online seminar via video conference with Mark Hosak

Lectures in pictures on the topics of Shingon-Reiki Level 2 

  • Introduction to the symbols of the Reiki healing method
  • Writing the Reiki symbols
  • The origin of the Reiki symbols


  • Usui Reiki attunement into the three Reiki symbols of Mikao Usui:
    • Reiki power up
    • Reiki mental healing
    • Reiki distance contact and healing
  • Buddhist Initiation into the power-symbols of the Seven Medicine Buddhas powers:
    • Happiness
    • Prosperity
    • Wisdom
    • Karma
    • Healing
    • Supernatural abilities
    • Insight

Reiki applications for yourself and others

  • Energetic room cleaning with the Reiki power
  • Japanese Reiki techniques for
    • distance healing
    • giving Reiki with the eyes
    • detoxification
  • Reiki applications for your inner child and partial personalities
  • Shingon Reiki spiritual healing for
    • brain areas
    • brain functions
    • joints
    • organs
  • Mental healing with affirmations
  • Distant Reiki Healing in different situations

Spiritual development

  • Expand your possibilities in the use of Reiki power for
    • healing
    • spiritual development
    • increase of your mental abilities
  • Increase in resilience and the ability to regenerate
  • Promotion of willpower, relaxation and sovereignty in difficult life situations


  • Training method of psychic abilities
  • Secret of the three mysteries to increase the power of Reiki symbols
  • Increase in resilience and the ability to regenerate


  • Detailed course manual with tons of Illustrations over 100 pages
  • Certificate of attendance for Shingon Reiki level 2
  • Follow-up support and the opportunity to ask questions

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Feb 20 2021


10:00 - 16:00

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  • Zeitzone: America/New_York
  • Datum: Feb 20 2021
  • Zeit: 4:00 - 10:00




Dr. Mark Hosak